Paul Gannon
Binyan Studio

Binyan is an award winning team of 110+ storytellers - artists, architects, producers, and animators working globally from studios in New York, London, and Australia. We deliver on our promise, so working with Zuse digital they must deliver high-quality work.

Binyan Studios engaged Zuse Digital on many occasions to develop custom website applications. Their work is exceptional on many levels, Their attention to detail, Superior design, always enthusiastic about our projects.

The core advantage of working with Zanyar and his team is the pride in their work and the time invested in understanding our business.

Highly skilled engineers which means nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! They are also very transparent which is vital for a great partnership.

We highly recommend Zuse Digital.

Anthony Sercia

Brilliant Web Design and Awesome Team!

Nothing but sincere praise to Zanyar and the entire team at Zuse Digital. Our search for something different in web design, and also through recommendation, led us to Zuse. It was the personal service, passion to understand our brand and core values, and the ability to translate that into a web store, was beyond words. Beautifully designed with seamless functionality. Beyond expectations. Thank you Zuse.

Simon West
Simon West Fine Jewellery

We can highly recommend Zanyar at Zuse Digital for building our beautiful website to help bring us into the ecommerce world. Zanyar came up with a plan after our initial meeting to target all our needs & suggested new ideas ones we hadn’t thought of including greater user experience which is why we chose Zuse Digital.

Zanyar & his team where able to bring the website to life & getting changes made was never a problem. Zanyar went above & beyond when it counted.

Thank you Zanyar & team for all your hard work. We really enjoyed working with you & really appreciate all your hard work. I can highly recommend Zanyar to anyone. We are so happy with our new website & all your hard work has paid off. Congratulations on doing a beautiful job & look forward to working with you on the next project.

Mark Bamford
C-19 Tracker

The SoteriaApp project was inspired by the need to provide the public with a platform that would help protect the public from harm now and in the future, and help the UK and other countries by giving them a tool to defeat COVID-19 and get back to normal faster.

Having a tech partner like Zuse Digital as the pillar of this not-for-profit endeavour has been critical to getting the App BETA testing within 2 weeks of the initial conversation has been an incredible effort. The ability of the Zuse Digital team to understand a highly complex situation and distil this down to a smooth UX was vital.

This was a tech sprint relay, and to have a partner like Zanyar and all the team at Zuse Digital has been vital to producing a world-class App with incredible speed.

Andy Ryan

Komodo is an award winning influencer global agency, spanning across USA, UK, AUS and Asia. As a creative agency ourselves, working with a reputable website design agency like Zuse Digital is the key.

Komodo engaged Zuse Digital for their new overall design of their website, Their work is just beautiful in many occasions from every step of the whole process, from discovery workshop, wireframing, UX process, responsive website design and over all animation to complete the website design. Our website is now completed www.wearekomodo.com and we are super happy with the work the the Zuse team have done.

The benefit of working with Zanyar and his team is the creative thinking and attention to detail at every step.

We highly recommend Zuse Digital.

Luke Tunnecliffe

StarMojis engaged the services of Zuse Digital when creating our WarnieMojis by Shane Warne App. This was an App that needed innovative thinking and design given it had not been done before in Australia.

Zanyar and his team ensured that the App was of a superior standard to all of the overseas models. What stood out for us was that Zanyar personally went above and beyond to ensure its success. Thanks to Shane’s celebrity status and a quality product, the App was featured in all forms of media across Australia, highlighted by a front page review in the Herald Sun and an interview on The Today Show.

We would strongly encourage other businesses to seek out the expertise of Zuse Digital to ensure a great product at great value.

Harry Sanders
Studio Hawk

I have worked with Zuse Digital several times over the past year and have seen nothing but outstanding results come out of their work. They put an immense level of work into everything they build which gives it the finish that the job requires.

Ruwayda Mustafah
Hope Autism Society

We were so lucky to find Zuse Digital. We're a small start-up project in United Kingdom, focusing on providing families of autistic children with workshops, and we also operate in Kurdistan Region. Zuse understood what we were trying to achieve with the project, and they created several logo samples for us to choose from.

Our overall experience has been very positive, and we would definitely recommend them.

Natalie Khoo
Avion Communication

Collaborating with Zanyar is always a great experience. He's inquisitive, enthusiastic and dedicated to his craft. He's very optimistic about the role that technology can play in business growth and that shows when you meet him. I definitely recommend having a chat with him if you're thinking of app development or bringing other digital ideas to life.

Paul Marcolin
Spike Creative

Spike Creative has engaged the services of Zuse Digital on several occasions and have always been impressed with Zanyar’s professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail. Zuse’s work on our AFL Players Moji app was outstanding – allowing us to deliver a fantastic user experience, which quickly saw it achieve No 1 chart rankings for Paid apps and also in the Sports category on the AppStore Australia.

The enthusiasm and buy-in on every project by the Zuse team fills you with confidence that your job will be delivered on-time, on-budget and will most importantly, exceed your expectations. We can highly recommend Zuse for all your digital requirements.

Lene Cortsen
Bloom Hearing Australia

I am happy to recommend Zuse Digital to any business looking for digital development. Zanyar and his team are highly skilled, professional and most of all enthusiastic. They put great pride in their work and put in a lot of effort to get to know the clients business, customers, processes and challenges.

Andrew Date
Industry Insider

Before starting my business I researched a number of companies to see who was the best fit to help me build my website and brand. I understand how important this decision was and as soon as I first meet with Zanyar from Zuse Digital I felt confident that I had made the right choice. From day one Zanyar was there every step of the way, answering my questions and delivering on his promise.

I really appreciate the eye for detail that Zuse digital provides, they are not just about building great websites and apps, they care for their clients and have an amazing eye for detail. I would highly recommend making a time to sit down and talk with the team at Zuse Digital.

Mehmet Ozcan

We engaged Zuse Digital when we decided to refresh our branding and modernise our website. Zuse was recommended to us for their professionalism and attention to detail.

I worked closely with the Zuse team to create our new website which is our store front in the virtual world. I am delighted with the result. I highly recommend using Zuse Digital for your next project. Keep up the good work!

David Mclean
Founder of DRM

I have been extremely impressed with Zanyar and his team from the very start. His professionalism, and willingness to understand the mobile app we want to deliver is fantastic. You can tell easily that he is excited about our project together and shows his dedication to it through not just his words but his actions too.

The process started with our discovery workshop here at our offices in London, UK. This step by step process was extremely good value for money and has given us a prototype that is worthy of any investor or businesses time.

Throughout the whole process, he has been attentive to our needs as a business creating a fantastic user experience. His expertise shines through as does his ability to convey what is quite a complex operation and distill it down into a more simple and easy to understand process for us to comprehend and move forward with. We have very big aspirations for my business to reach a global audience and I know for sure that Zanyar and his team will be with us all the way. Thank you!

James Towers

Zanyar and the team at Zuse Digital are app design freaks and the kind of geeks we love working with. We've been referring clients and having projects built out by the Zuse team for the past two years because they actually crush it all the time. The knowledge and processes applied, the bespoke approach to each project and the killer work they deliver is always spot on. Zanyar and the Zuse team really understand UX (that's user experience for those playing at home) and their eye for fine interface design continually delivers on apps that people will actually use and love.

If you're actually taking the next step on that 'idea for an app' you have make sure you pick a team that can really take you forward in this space. Zuse Digital have got you!


Rhys Martin
Avion Communication

I can't speak highly enough of Zuse Digital. As a partner agency, it has been a pleasure working with Zanyar across several projects. Whether it's websites, UX or design, I'm more than happy to recommend Zuse Digital.

Justin Petrovski
Social Sounds

Would like to thank Zanyar and the team at Zuse Digital for taking my idea on board and no doubt delivering beyond expectations. Working with the team was always made easy thanks to Zanyar and his knowledge in the industry, always listening to my ideas and making them work better then I had imagined.

Even making changes as we progressed through the stages over 12 months, the team and Zanyar never knocked back alterations to my app even when it may have caused extra work for the team always staying professional and making things less complicated. Very impressive as he also helped guide me through my first business endeavour acting almost like a mentor for my first experience starting a music app.

The team at Zuse Digital is your one-stop shop with anything digital thanks to the master Zanyar’s design & User experience design skills, he has experience in such a diverse industry, with more than enough knowledge to cater for any business not to mention easy to deal with always having your back. So, I’d like to thank the team once again especially for helping me achieve my goals with the app.

Chris Caldwell

Excellent experience working with Zuse Digital - great team of experts in application development have used them for multiple projects.

Their ethos of clean intuitive design and real focus on understanding the requirements right from the get go has always led to an end product myself and the end users have been extremely happy with.

David McEwan
Galvaniize Insurance

Nobody wanted to take on the challenge of my niche smartphone app untill i met Zanyar @ ZuseDigital.

He took it on, and he delivered well before any deadline. He was actually to fast for me, most grateful.

Very happy.

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