Alain Class Motors

World’s most exclusive automobile showroom and voted ‘World’s best supercar dealership’.


Alain Class Motors

Alain Class, the world’s most exclusive automobile showroom.

Over 20 years experience in the exotic and luxury car business. Alain Class’s mission is to provide our customers worldwide the best selection of new and pre owned vehicles available in the market.

As a car enthusiast and collector, Mr. Abdulla Al ketbi started trading luxury cars in the year 1992. He mainly started importing Mercedes Benz from Germany and selling to close relatives and friends. By 1995 the first Alain Class Motors Showroom was open in his city in Alain, U.A.E.

For over 20 years we have provided our discerning customers with exotic and luxury vehicles. Our wide selection of new and pre-owned cars include the world’s most exciting and exclusive brands.

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With a large base of International high profile clients, Alain Class wanted to look at modernising its web presence to attract new customers without compromising the brand story of heritage and quality. The team at Alain Class recognised that in order to stay current, a website overhaul was key, as was increasing personalisation and modern designed website that suits its brand.

Strategy & Approach

Given the diverse range of international clients, we had to understand their clientele, business priorities and varied audiences. The entire spread of services provided needed to be easy to navigate for anyone visiting allowing the user to access information most relevant to them.

Final experience

Working with Alain Class, we conducted user research at every stage of each project, extensively testing key information architecture patterns, interactions via prototype testing and iterated on any resulting insights. Our research led to all cars needed to be key focus and to be presented in elegant manner without any interruptions.

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Alain Class Motors

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